Imagine a butler that automatically serves you with information on new CD/DVD releases, concerts, news, television and radio shows that may interest you.

iPodler is such a butler for your iPod, your personal iPodler, that analyze your music listening behavior and automatically collect and upload news and events of your interest to the iPod.

When an iPod is connected to the PC, the music listening behavior of the user is analyzed, i.e. which songs have been played, how many times have these songs been played, when were the songs last played and how was the songs rated by the user.

The analysis results in a profile with user preferences, i.e. artists that most likely interest the user.

The profile is offered to various services. These services may collect music, news and events and automatically upload these to the notes and calendar function of the iPod. Only news and events with a certain degree of match with the profile are included, thus filtering out irrelevant information.

When the user disconnects the iPod from the PC, it is then "charged" with content of interest to the user.

Some of the services currently being developed are:

Example: If, for instance, a user listens a lot to U2, any concerts with U2 are added to the calendar, any television and radio shows with U2 are added to the calendar (and recorded by a PVR), news about U2 are added as notes, etc.

No interaction is needed by the user. The services are completely automatic.

iPodler is a hidden application that runs in the systray of a PC. iPodler is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and works on Windows 2000/XP on PC's. iPodler requires iTunes 4.2 (or later). The architecture of the software easily allows for more services to be developed.

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